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Rocco Beatrice Helping Clients with IRA & Retirement Plan Investing

Hi, I’m Rocco Beatrice. I am the managing director for Estate Street Partners. I have many advanced degrees. I have a lot of knowledge. I hold a Master’s in taxation, a Master’s in Business Administration; I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Wealth Protection Planner, a Certified Asset Protection Planner, a Master Mortgage Broker. I hold all the credentials to value real estate and businesses.

For the past 38 years, I’ve been looking for products, advanced legal strategies, that you will be able to use to minimize your income taxes, be able to preserve your wealth, be able to protect your wealth against unscrupulous contingent fee lawyers and their predator clients. I look for ways to keep your assets away from bureaucrats who legislate continuously how to legally pick your pocket so that they’ll be able to stay in power for the next 30 years, how to put a chicken in every pot, how to buy votes. I can tell you the best way to look at Roth vs traditional IRA vs Roth on Roids.

I have worked with Fortune 100 companies. I have assisted them in creating and protecting their wealth. I am the state representative for the Asset Protection Society; I’m the state rep for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. I’m a facilitator. I will bring to the table, individuals that can solve your problems. I bring to the table a defense attorney, an asset protection attorney, a health care attorney, a conflict management attorney and other professional individuals that need to be at the table to solve your problem with their report.

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